Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Nod of Affirmation...


The August tour is over. Touring with Tales in Space, The Sunny Days and Tin Can Radio was a blast. We're back to regular life with a few shows around Adelaide and then hopefully we'll be back out on the road a bit later in the year.

You all read about the shit kick that Sydney was and how much of a nightmare it was getting up for THAT flight. Well we found someone on the last night of the tour, in Melbourne, who had obviously had that nightmare for an entire evening, culminating in something none of us ever expected to see.

I'll run you through the lead up;

After starting our night with some cheap but not that delicious meals (we know when you use tip-top burger buns and kraft singles cheese, it doesn't hurt to splash out on a lepinja and maybe some swiss cheese? Fuck you), we then headed off to the venue and bumped into our fine tour buddies "Tales in Space" from Sydney. We discussed the finer points of synth stage moves and shit burgers.

Fast forward a few hours and we'd all consumed hundreds of beers. We caught up with Adelaide "besties" (fuck off) The Daylight Braves. They were at the tail end of their tour promoting their latest single "Summer at Last". We spent more time downing more beers at a premium price.

On our way home, collectively stumbling along, we noticed a shape further down the road holding onto something. As we kept walking the shape appeared to be a guy, holding onto a pole, hanging his arse over the path. We walked past him until Wolf did the sums and called out "Excuse me mate.......*pause*.....*deep breath*.....but are you taking a shit?"

The guy then looks at us and gives us a simple nod.

He then proceeds with his task at hand and then falls on the ground. In his own shit.

Tour over.

Alex Rajkowski

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