Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Handsome blog readers,

It is with great pleasure, two bananas, a beret and a pleasing posture that I salute the availability of our new single "BLUE TOES". The song, and two others were recorded and produced at Red Door studios in Collingwood by friend and industry veteran Paul "WOODY" Annison. After perspicacious pre-production and a week in the sprawling metro-sexuality of Red Door's egg chairs and collectable vending machines - we came out with three singles that we are extremely proud of. The guidance and knowledge of Woody and engineer Tyson worked wonders with the new brand of music we were writing - and hoping to conquer.

So while your scratching your crotch, trying to think of your next "witty" comment on your mates' girlfriend's iPhone-retro-application-photo of your Saturday night borry storm - Jump onto triple J unearthed and download the new tune, and have a good old fashion listening session. If you do then maybe a genie will saunter out of your speakers? and grant you three wishes? Yeah, it is ridiculous - but you will never know if you don't listen to it? and THAT my friends.....IS true. Up for it?

Some call me a philosopher, or..a..a pioneer. But you can just call me BUNS Wilson.

Always a pleasure.


And as per usual, and for your ultimate convenience. Here are some visual aids.

WOODY at RED DOOR Studios, Melbourne

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