Thursday, August 4, 2011

Kodak Moments

This week we had our first shiny photo shoot in over a year. Heading out from the wilderness with our new single this month, we thought the band's happy snaps might need a little bit of a makeover. Now you might think this is a pretty simple task. Get five guys get them all to look away from the camera and look very disinterested. Add them all pretending as if they don't even care that some mug is taking their photo, with matching leather jackets. You know the ones, if not i've posted an example below. And don't get me wrong we've done this too!

This time we wanted something a little bit different. When it comes to this side of the band i have about as much creativity as a Nickelback single so a lot of the genius was left to come from C 'the Plums' Plummer. As you will see in the next couple of weeks when they're all finished off, we've gone for some weird portrait style shots. Imagine this. One man, one frame, one hand. Now to create the vision of 'the Plums' on my pentax five megapixel would have been possible, but let's be honest they would've looked shit.

So we figured we needed a PRO. That's why the lovely snaps have been taken by our good friend Michael Clements (shameless promotion of his site here Michael is English... need i say more he's a top fellow with a delightful eye for how to capture the most delicate moment. Like when a leaf floats alone across a lake, or a plastic bag fighting in the wind. We on the other hand aren't so delicate. The entire shoot Alex "don't call me polish" Rajkowski was cracking suprisingly funny puns right at the pivotal moments of concentration. Another issue is that michael doesn't have any furniture in in house, he says it's because he just moved in, but can you trust the English, i don't think so. This meant five guys standing for two and half hours in a dimly lit room as another man took their photo. Just sounds creepy if you ask me.

So while our photos won't included wolf's leather underpants or one of chris' countless sweaters, they will at least be better than this....




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