Tuesday, July 26, 2011


It's that time again!

THINGS BUNS HAS BEEN ENJOYING, YAAAAAY! Top ten I hear you mutter?? Yeah, why not. It would be my pleasure.


1. Subway Club Sandwich filling
2. Caramel Slice (home made, preferably a friends Mum)
3. Mince based meals (ALL)
4. Hommus
5. Quiche Lorraine

Music Too Buns? OK, ok - Music too (Top 5 of right now in no particular order):

1. Metronomy
2. Red Coats
3. Diesel Witch
4. The Pixies
5. Tales in Space

Top 5 people of Now Buns? Come one, quieten down guys, one at a time.

1. Anders Breivik (never too soon)
2. The girl with the braces from the SA quality Home improvements botch-job-tv-ad
3. Stevo's mate from the Natural Gas Heating Ad ("unlesssssss, you like ice-cream".....Do you like knuckle sandwich's? Also looks strikingly like Chrissy Poo Plummer)
4. David Letterman
5. Eric Moussambani Malonga, or "Eric The Eel" who did the Mens heat of the 100m freestyle in 1:52.72. Entered via a wildcard draw designed to encourage developing countries. Remember? Best thing I have ever seen on TV. Forget Cathy and Perkins - this put hairs on my chest.

....Top 5 Movies?

1. Sickle - look it up
2. Fight Club
3. Nacho Libre
4. BMX Bandits (with Nicole kidman, the one we all forgot about)
5. The Goonies

Top 5 Things you can wear?

1. A Broach
2. Beret
3. Cumabun
4. Monocle
5. Fez

It has been a pleasure. Until Next time - Take care of yourselves, and each other.

(Here are visuals for those of you that are too hung to accurately envisage things..)


Metronomy - The Look

Metronomy | Myspace Music Videos

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Wash or Die

Today I went to the kitchen to wash my bowl. I can't say it's something I do too often as it's usually easier (uses less energy) to take the dirty bowl and fork, spoon or knife home with me to clean. Another reason for avoiding the walk to the kitchen is that it is all the way over on the other side of the office. So as you make your way there you have to make the typical office chit chat with whoever you may pass by. Comments such as 'Darryl, had a hair-cut i see' or 'Coffee time is it Sue' make it a rather awkward experience for everyone involved. Sometimes neither person can even muster a word and we give each another a nod or raise an eyebrow in appreciation that neither of us can really be bothered muttering a word to each other.
So anyway i'm going to the kitchen to wash my bowl. On the way I pass both Darryl and Sue, Darryl smiles and Sue says looking forward to the weekend. I reply with some sort of mildy funny response like 'yeh big one ahead i think'. Upon reaching the kitchen I realise a new sign has been posted above the sink. I have posted it below for you all to enjoy. For some reason i think i might avoid going to the kitchen from now on.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Great minds...

Situation: a maintenance man walks into the office. He stands  5 metres away. Looking at the roof. It occurs to me immediately that he resembles Kenny.
Problem: how to communicate this to Watson so he can also enjoy noting the resemblance. Without Kenny lookalike hearing.

‘Hey Watson’
‘Grassy...without the ‘D’’
(Watson thinks for a couple of seconds, works it out, looks at Kenny lookalike, confirms he’s on it, nods appreciation, goes back to work like a BOSS!)

Explanation (for those without great minds):
1.       Grassy – short for Grassy Knoll
2.       Grassy Knoll – JF Kennedy’s shooter hit behind it (got it yet?)
3.       Kennedy – without the D.
4.       Do i need to spell this out any more?

To be completely honest, i was more than ecstatically impressed when he pulled that one off.

Dan Ryan
(Shiny Brights enthusiast and work colleague of Buns Wilson/Watson)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Did you pay your REGO?

And so another week has come to a close,

With Friday in an office environment comes the smell of the weekend, for some a "casual" Friday and for others the end of another cycle. For myself it means another round of Friday night "work drinks".

it would go without saying that the Friday night after work drink at an accountancy firm would be much different to that of an uber cool design firm where they all sit on bean bags and drink complementary green tea.
Interacting with your work colleagues  beyond the confines of an office environment can be both an enlightening and harrowing experience. It gives you an opportunity to see how those you spend the majority of your time with really are. I recently found out that the middle aged "Sting" fan who is the equivalent of an encyclopaedia of clip art, is also into hard trance (I mean HARDCORE trance, like, march into Poland trance).

It usually starts out with the first round of drinks, usually by management or a team leader. Everyone always orders the special, but you do sometimes get the odd wanker from head office who orders a whisky sour, just to be a jerk. You stand around awkwardly sipping on your drink talking about.......you guessed it....work. You discuss Dave from Collections and his awkward short sleeved shirt/tie combo, how Suzanne from Accounts legs rub together when she walks, you discuss everything about work that is somewhat entertaining to each of you till you run out. This is where the awkward shit happens.

You suddenly realise why the divorcee who sits opposite you is in fact divorced, why the eternal virgin from IT keeps to himself and why you yourself are with these people, Monday to Friday, 9-5. It's not the money, it's because everywhere you go, everyone a story.

The last two years of my life have been spent between juggling different jobs and touring with this band. I've been in cafes, bars, nightclubs, call centres, warehouses and even a job where my only purpose was to fold envelopes. The one thing I realised is that everywhere there are people who are just like those people we see in the movies. No matter how boring your job is, how routine your week is, as along as you have one thing to keep it interesting, you will be fine.

Next year I go back to uni to study, how I'll juggle that with the band I have no idea, but it will happen. My dream is to one day work in an office where Sharon's legs rub together, Dave's ties are ridiculous and more importantly, I'm ordering the whisky sours, just to keep things interesting.

Having said all of this, music being the main thing in my life, here are some links to some bands and artists that are really making me excited about making music. These last few months in camp Shiny have been awesome. We're pushing ourselves harder then before to expand our musical boundaries and the results are great. We hope to get these tunes out on the road in a few weeks in support of our next single, what that is I can't tell you yet!

The firmest of regards,

Alessandro Valdez Rajkowsk

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Schlishy's Say


If there's one thing us shiny's like it's a good film clip. In the next few weeks we will release our new single, and will need to create some video clip greatness of our own.
We already have some pretty crazy ideas but if you can think of something that might work feel free to let us know in the comment section below.

For now here's a couple i've been watching lately. You too should watch them.

It's been a bit of a weird month after finishing our new tracks and getting back into the swing of writing new tracks and trying to make them suit the sound we have created in the studio.  We've also gone back to everyday life which for me has been slow, but at the same time it does inspire me to write more songs. I think we learnt a lot in this last session of recording. In fact probably more than we have in the entire 4 years (wow that's gone quickly) the band has been together.
Now the question is how will these new things we've learnt impact on the next batch of songs we are writing. I feel we've definitely defined two different styles of songs that i hope we will follow into whatever our next release is, whether EP, album or just more singles. We've started work on a new track called Ghost Hand, which has been co-written by Ping Marwe. Nice, upbeat track that everyone should like to dance to.

We're hoping to get it up for this upcoming tour. There's also three other tracks, yet unnamed which could make their way into our new set, yes our set for this upcoming tour will be made up of at least 6 never before heard tracks, so make sure you get along to one.
At the same time, Buns and I have been working on another project, completely different from shiny's. It's been good, giving me a different perspective of how to write music, and what makes a band really work.