Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Do you like the drums? We do.

Which is great because we are now supporting them at Adelaide Uni Bar on the 10th of May.

This means you should definitely come along nice and early for a dance with us.

And what's more the show is all ages, our second show for everyone in the past two weeks.

Now Wolf is often known for losing his shit on stage... but the lead singer of the drums can dance... and when i say can dance... i mean he can dance like this.


Monday, April 18, 2011

70 miles an hour TOPS...

I listen to XFM at work yeah....
They just had a competition for the punters, to see who can guess the absolute mish-mash of words that the Two Door Cinema Club singer wangles together in the "Something Good Can Work" chorus. Some bird from Canada won - the rules were NO GOOGLE ALLOWED homes...
For the record, I was wrong - but VERY, VERY close, and my prompt-as-arse email probably would have claimed victory. For your pleasure, here are the ACTUAL lyrics.

"Let's make this happen girl you
gonna show the world that something good can work and it can work for you,
And you know that it will.."

Have a bash below.

35 seconds in..

speedy speech is something I give many props for. If you see me out in the not-too-distant, flip a quick verse in my ear - and If I approve... The next Frothberger is on moi.


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Potential Cover?

“Baby Monkey (going backwards on a pig)”... potential cover for Saturday night.
That is one damn catchy song!

Chissy Poo

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Whats on Barts Ipod?

A whole bunch of new releases out at the moment from Arctic monkeys and Friendly fires to Justice and Foo fighters.
But very little has actually tickled my fancy. I don't know if the days are gone where a song will just jump out and grab me by the balls like they used to, or if there's just a little bit of a lull at the moment, or if i've just not got an ear for good music. Either way, there are a couple that i am enjoying, that you might also enjoy, or fervently hate. I recommend going online and checking out TV on the Radio-Nine Types of Light, it's a film they've made with all the tunes off their new record, it's something pretty special.

They may be simple indie tunes, but hey that's what i like.
In particular order, here's a few songs i've had on repeat lately.

Metronomy- The Look
The Streets- OMG
TV on the Radio-Caffeinated Consciousness
City and Colour- Oh Sister
The Vaccines- If you wanna
Loon Lake- In the Summer
The Postal Service- Such Great Heights
Two Door Cinema Club- Get Your Hands Off My Cash Monty
Dardanelles- One + One
Lou Reed- I'm So Free
 also check out my video clip of the week from the crazy sweeds that are Peter, Bjorn and John.

Now for your imaginative convenience...

After those visual aids.....

One band I haven't gotten over in the past two and a half years is London's Bombay Bicycle Club. Do yourself a flavour flave, pop their song Lamplight on your I-podge, wheel that shit to 2:20, and hear musical cleverness climb into your eardrums and hearts forever.

Buns fucking Wilson

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

For the not-so-fortunate...and fortunately..

For a good cause, for a good cause, like SANTA CLAUSE!!!! (straight off the top of the dome)

On april 23rd at Fowlers, the best bands EVER will be playing a schtomper of a gig - in support of the "Live below the Line" campaign. Kindly joining us on the night will be fellow Heaps-Good-aye Psych rockers Jay walker and the Pedestrians, and Interstate guests - The Beligerents from BRIZVEGAS (apologies for using the term so loosely). For more info on the campaign visit:


Get along for a night of coits, coin-toss, bocce and ROOCK! It's also for a good cause.....so bring shrapnel.

Chester Copperpot (BUNS)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Being a Maverick...

Today was the day...

Today was the day that I admitted something that can alienate you from people forever. 

Today I admitted to my workmates...that I am not into AFL (Australian Rules Football for those of you residing overseas). AFL is Australia's favourite pastime, at least in the South-Eastern states, it is the fuel for conversation around the water cooler, the pub and even your local bank manager. Everyone loves it. Everyone but me. The thing is, my parents aren't Australian, I didn't grow up with AFL in my house, I grew up with smoked meats and pickled Herring. Admitting that you don't like AFL to someone in Adelaide is like telling someone you thought Hitler had the right idea. Only recently have I started to slightly understand it and only recently because of being in this band of four huge AFL fans have I learned to watch it without making any comments that are more awkward than seeing a sex scene in a movie with your parents in it. 
I do admit that I had a brief AFL career in highschool, playing for the mighty 3rd XVIII (eighteen players in a team), although this was short lived once everyone worked out I was actually lying about my AFL prowess. 

It's been a few hours since my big admission and already I'm noticing the changes. I didn't get invited for the tipping competition, I'm not longer considered worthy of inclusion in conversation about this weekend's games (being the season opener, everyone is super excited about "footy" returning) and I most likely won't be asked if my team "got up" over the weekend. 

If someone didn't like cake would you still offer them a piece? I would, because I'm a maverick. If someone hated chips, I would still offer. I give them my smoked meats and pickled herring.

My bandmates have given me a piece of their football pie, although I don't think it'll ever be a staple, it may become an entree on the next long car ride across the country for some shows. 

In other news I am totally pumped for the upcoming run of shows which will be announced really soon. 


Monday, April 11, 2011

Get along on the 15th!!


We're back with one of SA's best

I know you've missed us... well the good news is we're back this friday... After a little while of 'getting our shit together', we've finished our new set and will be playing alongside great friend Myles Mayo, and the lovely lads from Archers this friday at Jive.

If you haven't got along to see Myles Mayo before this is a must, he is Adelaide music!

And do yourself a favour go out and grab his new album, it's brilliant!

We're playing a lot more now, so check out the blog and all the dates will be up. 

For all of you begging us for an ALL AGES show, we'll your wishes have come true as next week we will be playing at Fowlers and it's for all of you. We'll let you know all the details next week, but let's just say it's going to be a show for a very good cause.


Friday, April 1, 2011

A New Dawn...

Gave this here blog a facelift today, a result of lengthy procrastination in a desk job. Someone told me that having a desk job increases your risk of bowel cancer by 80%........EIGHTY PERCENT, perfect. So apart from slowly dying, we katz have been writing, rehearsing and recording intensely, recently acquiring a FRESH and upbeat sound that we are very very happy with. We will be getting in the studio soon, as you may have heard on the GV (grapevine) and we have been taking the time to polish some new tracks ready for an upcoming swag of gigz bra.

 I can also recommend "Eat This" on Kensinton road for a delightful gourmet lunch...

A new blog video will also be up soon, chockers with excitement. Hugh Rimmington is on TV.... AND

"You headbutt a girl on national TV, and your labelled a prat, and that's the game...."

Many, many thanks

Buns Wilson