Monday, June 27, 2011

The three 57 bitches....

Feverishly inspired by the recent works of Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa, I recently re-kindled my flame with the art of freestyle rapping, and Yes - I've still got it. Driving to band the other night I thought I would try my hand at the dying art, recording on my eyefen - whilst operating the motor vehicle with me knees (a skill I have refined from  precision air-drumming at the wheel). Wangling about thirty seconds of hard rap together over a recently acquired Khalifa beat, I was quietly pleased with my efforts, as was the plumber pulled up next to me at the lights - who was so shaken up by seeing me rap at the wheel - he did that speedy look away thing, in an attempt to hide the fact that he was watching me when I busted him. Althgouh it should be me who is embarassed? But I was too chuffed - and still wearing my hood, from my attempt adopt a gangster flow. Nailed it.

To herald the new swag of raps that me and my "KR3W" have been dropping on our phones, I am offering this here blog. Shortly there will be a snap shot mp3 available for you perusal - just in case you thought you were pretty handy, and intended on challenging one of the clan to a cypher/battle/free - or something of that ethos. Wouldn't bother homez.

I have also shamefully taken a liking to Odd Futures "Tyler the Creator" - who some are hailing as  THE MOST OFFENSIVE RAPPER EVER. That is a serious accolade. His subject matter is somewhat questionable in the eyes of the

Here are some of his lyrics for a laugh. If you have read this far - you will probably read these too. So dope.

Satan's gettin jealous of the wolves, demons said they preferrin' us
Books I'm not givin' a fuck, what they referrin' us
Wolves, I know you heard of us, we murderers
And young enough to get the fuckin' priest to come and flirt with us
You niggas rap about fuckin' bitches and gettin' head
Instead I rap about fuckin' bitches and gettin' heads
While you niggas stackin bread, I could stack a couple dead
Bodies, make it? look like less of a color, more of a hobby
I'm not a rapper, nor a rapist, nor a racist
I fuck bitches with no commission, they tend to hate shit
Brag about the actions and I wind up?
And proceed to sat her down when I go splatterin' her chatterbox
Atta boy, Odd Future you're not in my categor-
This the type of shit that make a Chris Brown wanna kick a whore
Then make songs about? 'cuz when it rains, it pours
I hate this, screamin "Fuck Patience!"
Got a nigga shakin like a? fuckin' Haitian
After chronic masturbation, askin' where Mary Kate went
I wanna be the reason why all lesbians hate dick

This is an actual song......

Here are some images of niggaz that have been keeping it Harlem of recent. But not really recent.....

Thank you for your time. Apologies If I have offended anyone - but offensive rap is the best sort apparently. Oh and that bug on Tylers hand in the bottom image?? Yeah he eats that in the film clip to "Yonkers" - then hangs himself. Oh and he sold out the Opera house three nights in a row. That's what we have come to.

Also hit this up for unaffiliated Rap banta

Black Power.


Monday, June 20, 2011

Lips sent me this the other day - no text was required.

I appreciate the time Schlishy took to arrange his fruit, photograph it and then swing it my way.
Bill Murray would be proud.

No..No....He would.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"What if they ask for our Tram ticket.."...."Just plead Adelaide ignorance"

So we have just finished recording three of our new songs. At this stage we are still trying to figure out which one will be the first single and what they will all be called. Some suggested titles have been Running pt 1, 2 and 3, Double Banana and Chicken Feed. Feel free to let us know any other suggestions that may tickle your fancy.

We had a short stay in Melbourne where we were given the pleasure of working with the brilliant Woody Annison at Red Door Sounds.

Despite my desire to insert more cowbell into our new found sound, i was unsuccessful and cowbell will unfortunately not appear on our next single (it will make an appearance at some point though, that i promise.)

This trip had its definite highs and lows.... a couple of examples.

Chris spent most of the first night urinating across the streets of Melbourne (including in the middle of Little Collins street.) Rego had too many froths one night and wouldn't stop singing karma police to the two band members that couldn't escape the room.
All in all it was a great week and we're excited about the new songs.

Some inspiration till you here our new songs.

Much love


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tour Dates Now Up for August.

why not drive for eight hours and come see us at one of these shows? Oh, because your not a wanker? Sweet. fair enough I guess. But what about flights? That long awaited holiday - just for the weekend, to "get away from it all"?? Huh? Tiger do flights for chicken poo..FEED, chicken Feed... They can't gaurentee your safety, but hey - take a risk for a change? Besides, everyone wants to skydive at some stage. Kill two birds with one stone? I double dare you.

Push the envelope.


(Absolute blogging inspiration)