Monday, August 1, 2011

And So it Begins....


Our tour for our new single "Blue Toes" kicks off this week. We're hitting the road with Radio Star, Tin Can Radio and Tales in Space, all premium bands. This means we'll be spending countless nights spooning together. Most likely I'll be shacking up with Buns "duckarse" Wilson. James will claim a bed to himself because he needs all that room.
Chris will no doubt go swimming again in his attempt to better his "swim in every shitty river ever" record (his landmark achievement so far is The Thames in London….after 35 ciders).

Wolfgang will probably hang his leather underpants that he secretly sleeps in from an unsuspecting balcony much to the amazment of passers by. He still maintains that the "tan lines" inside have always been there.

We're pumped for this tour as it means we're back on the road playing new songs that we're really happy about. If I could convert my happiness about these songs it would be the equivelant of a mango…the happiest of fruits, people love mangos, if they don't, they're not worth knowing.

Come out to some shows instead of watching Masterchef and Highway Patrol.



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