Thursday, August 18, 2011

Join the Nunnery

This is a quote I like…

I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.
-Bruce Lee

What a ledge….

It is actually quite profound, but It may or may not apply to the following blog/s

As I embark on an intended “dry” weekend (no guarantees) I would like to outline some of the reasons why the idea is, well…..not worth it.

1. You know when you’re drunk, and so is every other sack at the pub you attend every weekend – and you have that 3am conversation with some fiend who talks too close? Like, he’s on his damn tippy-toes, with his head cocked towards his right shoulder, so that he can burp his fucking bourbon-tosis away to his right while he tries to get his shit point across to you – which you have already forgotten? And, and…and he bobs a little higher on the balls of his feet every now and then for the odd Punchline, like Brent? This guy is SO much more offensive and irritating when your sober-as-a-judge, trying to kindly put the pieces together of his epic last-weekend bar fight story - which is grossly over exaggerated, to the point where you’re now egging him on to “tell us more” without him realizing you think he is an enormous TWAT. For me this is the number one reason to just drink – aimlessly.

2. The Last time I had a weekend without a drop was when I had my wisdom teeth removed two and a half years ago, so it took physical trauma to pull the plug for a weekend last time I faced such adversity. The Second reason why it blows so badly is when you don’t drink….sorry, when you don’t binge – you become this reclusive weirdo around chicks? This is applicable to me anyway. Many of my friends/band-mates are in the same boat. You become this generic bender – who has that staple conversation with everyone until one of the two of you are SO bored/pissed off, that you do an Alex Cameron – and just bail on the conversation altogether. Mid sentence if need be. Also, while you doing it, you KNOW your doing it. Having that cringe-town friendly chin-wag. If you have held out this long on a sober weekend – now you’re bonging jager.

3. Just don’t be sober.

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Aaaaaand joke for the Day? Courtesy of Wolfgang…
Why did the sperm cross the road?
Because you put on the wrong socks today….


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