Friday, April 1, 2011

A New Dawn...

Gave this here blog a facelift today, a result of lengthy procrastination in a desk job. Someone told me that having a desk job increases your risk of bowel cancer by 80%........EIGHTY PERCENT, perfect. So apart from slowly dying, we katz have been writing, rehearsing and recording intensely, recently acquiring a FRESH and upbeat sound that we are very very happy with. We will be getting in the studio soon, as you may have heard on the GV (grapevine) and we have been taking the time to polish some new tracks ready for an upcoming swag of gigz bra.

 I can also recommend "Eat This" on Kensinton road for a delightful gourmet lunch...

A new blog video will also be up soon, chockers with excitement. Hugh Rimmington is on TV.... AND

"You headbutt a girl on national TV, and your labelled a prat, and that's the game...."

Many, many thanks

Buns Wilson

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