Wednesday, April 13, 2011

For the not-so-fortunate...and fortunately..

For a good cause, for a good cause, like SANTA CLAUSE!!!! (straight off the top of the dome)

On april 23rd at Fowlers, the best bands EVER will be playing a schtomper of a gig - in support of the "Live below the Line" campaign. Kindly joining us on the night will be fellow Heaps-Good-aye Psych rockers Jay walker and the Pedestrians, and Interstate guests - The Beligerents from BRIZVEGAS (apologies for using the term so loosely). For more info on the campaign visit:

Get along for a night of coits, coin-toss, bocce and ROOCK! It's also for a good bring shrapnel.

Chester Copperpot (BUNS)

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