Monday, April 18, 2011

70 miles an hour TOPS...

I listen to XFM at work yeah....
They just had a competition for the punters, to see who can guess the absolute mish-mash of words that the Two Door Cinema Club singer wangles together in the "Something Good Can Work" chorus. Some bird from Canada won - the rules were NO GOOGLE ALLOWED homes...
For the record, I was wrong - but VERY, VERY close, and my prompt-as-arse email probably would have claimed victory. For your pleasure, here are the ACTUAL lyrics.

"Let's make this happen girl you
gonna show the world that something good can work and it can work for you,
And you know that it will.."

Have a bash below.

35 seconds in..

speedy speech is something I give many props for. If you see me out in the not-too-distant, flip a quick verse in my ear - and If I approve... The next Frothberger is on moi.


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