Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Being a Maverick...

Today was the day...

Today was the day that I admitted something that can alienate you from people forever. 

Today I admitted to my workmates...that I am not into AFL (Australian Rules Football for those of you residing overseas). AFL is Australia's favourite pastime, at least in the South-Eastern states, it is the fuel for conversation around the water cooler, the pub and even your local bank manager. Everyone loves it. Everyone but me. The thing is, my parents aren't Australian, I didn't grow up with AFL in my house, I grew up with smoked meats and pickled Herring. Admitting that you don't like AFL to someone in Adelaide is like telling someone you thought Hitler had the right idea. Only recently have I started to slightly understand it and only recently because of being in this band of four huge AFL fans have I learned to watch it without making any comments that are more awkward than seeing a sex scene in a movie with your parents in it. 
I do admit that I had a brief AFL career in highschool, playing for the mighty 3rd XVIII (eighteen players in a team), although this was short lived once everyone worked out I was actually lying about my AFL prowess. 

It's been a few hours since my big admission and already I'm noticing the changes. I didn't get invited for the tipping competition, I'm not longer considered worthy of inclusion in conversation about this weekend's games (being the season opener, everyone is super excited about "footy" returning) and I most likely won't be asked if my team "got up" over the weekend. 

If someone didn't like cake would you still offer them a piece? I would, because I'm a maverick. If someone hated chips, I would still offer. I give them my smoked meats and pickled herring.

My bandmates have given me a piece of their football pie, although I don't think it'll ever be a staple, it may become an entree on the next long car ride across the country for some shows. 

In other news I am totally pumped for the upcoming run of shows which will be announced really soon. 


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