Sunday, July 17, 2011

Wash or Die

Today I went to the kitchen to wash my bowl. I can't say it's something I do too often as it's usually easier (uses less energy) to take the dirty bowl and fork, spoon or knife home with me to clean. Another reason for avoiding the walk to the kitchen is that it is all the way over on the other side of the office. So as you make your way there you have to make the typical office chit chat with whoever you may pass by. Comments such as 'Darryl, had a hair-cut i see' or 'Coffee time is it Sue' make it a rather awkward experience for everyone involved. Sometimes neither person can even muster a word and we give each another a nod or raise an eyebrow in appreciation that neither of us can really be bothered muttering a word to each other.
So anyway i'm going to the kitchen to wash my bowl. On the way I pass both Darryl and Sue, Darryl smiles and Sue says looking forward to the weekend. I reply with some sort of mildy funny response like 'yeh big one ahead i think'. Upon reaching the kitchen I realise a new sign has been posted above the sink. I have posted it below for you all to enjoy. For some reason i think i might avoid going to the kitchen from now on.


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