Sunday, July 10, 2011

Did you pay your REGO?

And so another week has come to a close,

With Friday in an office environment comes the smell of the weekend, for some a "casual" Friday and for others the end of another cycle. For myself it means another round of Friday night "work drinks".

it would go without saying that the Friday night after work drink at an accountancy firm would be much different to that of an uber cool design firm where they all sit on bean bags and drink complementary green tea.
Interacting with your work colleagues  beyond the confines of an office environment can be both an enlightening and harrowing experience. It gives you an opportunity to see how those you spend the majority of your time with really are. I recently found out that the middle aged "Sting" fan who is the equivalent of an encyclopaedia of clip art, is also into hard trance (I mean HARDCORE trance, like, march into Poland trance).

It usually starts out with the first round of drinks, usually by management or a team leader. Everyone always orders the special, but you do sometimes get the odd wanker from head office who orders a whisky sour, just to be a jerk. You stand around awkwardly sipping on your drink talking guessed You discuss Dave from Collections and his awkward short sleeved shirt/tie combo, how Suzanne from Accounts legs rub together when she walks, you discuss everything about work that is somewhat entertaining to each of you till you run out. This is where the awkward shit happens.

You suddenly realise why the divorcee who sits opposite you is in fact divorced, why the eternal virgin from IT keeps to himself and why you yourself are with these people, Monday to Friday, 9-5. It's not the money, it's because everywhere you go, everyone a story.

The last two years of my life have been spent between juggling different jobs and touring with this band. I've been in cafes, bars, nightclubs, call centres, warehouses and even a job where my only purpose was to fold envelopes. The one thing I realised is that everywhere there are people who are just like those people we see in the movies. No matter how boring your job is, how routine your week is, as along as you have one thing to keep it interesting, you will be fine.

Next year I go back to uni to study, how I'll juggle that with the band I have no idea, but it will happen. My dream is to one day work in an office where Sharon's legs rub together, Dave's ties are ridiculous and more importantly, I'm ordering the whisky sours, just to keep things interesting.

Having said all of this, music being the main thing in my life, here are some links to some bands and artists that are really making me excited about making music. These last few months in camp Shiny have been awesome. We're pushing ourselves harder then before to expand our musical boundaries and the results are great. We hope to get these tunes out on the road in a few weeks in support of our next single, what that is I can't tell you yet!

The firmest of regards,

Alessandro Valdez Rajkowsk

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