Thursday, July 7, 2011

Schlishy's Say


If there's one thing us shiny's like it's a good film clip. In the next few weeks we will release our new single, and will need to create some video clip greatness of our own.
We already have some pretty crazy ideas but if you can think of something that might work feel free to let us know in the comment section below.

For now here's a couple i've been watching lately. You too should watch them.

It's been a bit of a weird month after finishing our new tracks and getting back into the swing of writing new tracks and trying to make them suit the sound we have created in the studio.  We've also gone back to everyday life which for me has been slow, but at the same time it does inspire me to write more songs. I think we learnt a lot in this last session of recording. In fact probably more than we have in the entire 4 years (wow that's gone quickly) the band has been together.
Now the question is how will these new things we've learnt impact on the next batch of songs we are writing. I feel we've definitely defined two different styles of songs that i hope we will follow into whatever our next release is, whether EP, album or just more singles. We've started work on a new track called Ghost Hand, which has been co-written by Ping Marwe. Nice, upbeat track that everyone should like to dance to.

We're hoping to get it up for this upcoming tour. There's also three other tracks, yet unnamed which could make their way into our new set, yes our set for this upcoming tour will be made up of at least 6 never before heard tracks, so make sure you get along to one.
At the same time, Buns and I have been working on another project, completely different from shiny's. It's been good, giving me a different perspective of how to write music, and what makes a band really work.

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