Thursday, July 14, 2011

Great minds...

Situation: a maintenance man walks into the office. He stands  5 metres away. Looking at the roof. It occurs to me immediately that he resembles Kenny.
Problem: how to communicate this to Watson so he can also enjoy noting the resemblance. Without Kenny lookalike hearing.

‘Hey Watson’
‘Grassy...without the ‘D’’
(Watson thinks for a couple of seconds, works it out, looks at Kenny lookalike, confirms he’s on it, nods appreciation, goes back to work like a BOSS!)

Explanation (for those without great minds):
1.       Grassy – short for Grassy Knoll
2.       Grassy Knoll – JF Kennedy’s shooter hit behind it (got it yet?)
3.       Kennedy – without the D.
4.       Do i need to spell this out any more?

To be completely honest, i was more than ecstatically impressed when he pulled that one off.

Dan Ryan
(Shiny Brights enthusiast and work colleague of Buns Wilson/Watson)

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