Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Farklife and other exciting features...

Roses are Red, violets are blue
Long weekend turns me to poo-poo...
The End.

It’s been a while – keeping well? YEAH I wanna sit down.

The weekend has vanished in a cesspool of elbow sprinklers, southern cross tattoos, footy-footy-footy and debilitating injuries. It’s OK, I will explain.

Them Ahhhh Shiny Brights played on Friday night with long-time RADelaide indie Vikings – CITY RIOTS. With the two of our bands repping busy interstate schedules of recent, coupled with A Shinys hiatus, it has been many moons since we have actually had the pleasure of playing along-side these boys – who were also supported by Adelaide’s Lyla. Not heaps has changed since we played with them first-up at Jive – They have gotten bigger, they are still tight-like-tiger, and are still gnarly human beings. I even let out a high-pitched “oh my goooood”, like Kim Duthie might, when they broke into Match sticks/She never wants to Dance. Always been a fan. Good guys. Good tunes. Great Band. Strong Cocks.

We also had the opportunity on this evening to ignite our long-weekend binges – which I was excited about, but the bouncer at Sugar wasn’t.... Cool.

Sat-Dee saw the injection of sport into the weekend which set the arm-bending pace. Hours later Regos back fence was on fire, Chris was wearing a corporate telephone headset whilst giving a haircut and rego was growing increasingly angry at those hiking style/casual shoes that he had spotted.  I was busy bringing the rain – having a swell time shooting hoops. And by that I mean Basketball – not men’s bums. OK?

How does a serial killer come into this story? This is how....

...I know, great read hey?

The wee hours of Sunday morning had me at Jive. Checked in – accompanied by 60 chunes. I made a trip to the bar for a daiquiri..I mean beer. It was here that my pants were moistened by the site of SNOWTOWN lead actor Lucas Pittaway AKA four-time first degree murder convicted Jamie Vlassakis. Here my night took a turn, my focus shifted from long-arming to following this sweet actor around Jive. His hair was slicked back into a mane. YEAH. As if to say “Yeah, it’s me”. I couldn’t take my eyes of him. He busted me looking at him like fifty times. But Fuck him – it’s not my fault he plays a serial killer really well.  He was actually palming off woman. I know how that is! Am I right? So fly. Lucas opted for a woman in the end, fair enough I guess. His loss though.

Farklife was on Monday. I was already at the Post Office in struggle Town too. It took all my cahonies to muster enough Morale to see the day out. But I did, because I am a fucking Ledge. Top acts/suprise packets for the day included DFA 1979, The Streets, Crystal Fighters and Little Dragon. Impressive to say the least – even when in some instances it wasn’t expected.

But what was expected was the countless arse-clowns with their shirts off. Full time flexers with Carpe Diem tats and enormous Prada sunnies. Painful – but at least they weren’t at the acts which actually had people playing instruments. If they were, they were lost. Which was funny. A girl also seemed to have broken her neck – this backs my earlier claim of serious injury. Apparently she nailed her head coming down from a crowd surf. But nobody knows what actually happened. But the chinese whispers were also amusing. I also saw our mate руководишь from one of our previous blogs there. I walked 100 metres right angles across to avoid a beat down.

Thanks for your readership.


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