Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Daylight Bravado!

It is usually the Rectus abdominus muscle which is damaged in an abdominal strain I have heard, and just as you are winding down your abdominal rehabilitation from laughing SO long and hard at my frequently "on-the-money" blogs, it's time for another one....

But this time my puddings, its different. For this this here blog THIS time is a.... (drum roll - pun intended)....MUSIC REVIEW. 

(NBA Jam Sega Megadrive)

Close friends and long time legends turned adelaide-music-scene-juggernauts The DAYLIGHT BRAVES have recently released a swag of catchy psych-rock numbers on their debut EP, Liquid Sun. The lads laid the choons down care-of Adelaide Guru Matt Hills, after doing an admirable dash around the Adelaide circuit, a trio of Melbourne gigs, and a banger at Sydney's infamous World Bar.

I have always had a solid for these boys, they are always on the same humour page in the awesome book - they play their instruments like fucking Vikings and they have a cunning and unique brand of music which I would pay/get-on the-list for any damn day. In fact I have been so enthused by these plonkers in the past that I have put my hand up to do their lights on several occasions - which was no doubt a contributing factor to their more than decent Graybags Spoz Spozzington reviews in the past. Don't mention it. They can thank me in vodka-pineapples at another juncture (with one of those teeny tiny umbrellas). 

Liquid Sun highlights include the swirling and uplifting guitars of Summer At Last, which caught the lobes of Dom Alessio and harkens to the likes of Cream or Tame Impala, but with a daylight braves stamp all over it, rolling basslines, clever drum beats and angelic harmonies. Shits tight. Solemn boy also bleeds musical maturity with the implementation of shakers, and a relaxed vibe that makes you wanna binge on acid and marry-jew-ana, and plough your face into a mound of incense or something. But for me, my BFF comes in the form of the darker "Absent Ground". Its pulsating, it's badass, its catchy and it  goes Anders Brievek live. I have showed it to a few older fellas at work who pop it in the "Doors" category - which is a huge compliment coming from those older closet music lovers who seem to know everything about everything, and some. This tune is FETCH (yeah I like Mean Girls - back Up). It has an almost demonic undercurrent driven by the pulsating, monotonous bass lines of Tom Sizzler Stevens, something reminiscent of The Arctic Monkeys' Nick O'Malley - with a clever bridge, and haunting double tracked vocals from Dan Beacom - and a guitar solo that will leave your faced screwed up like a fart you cant quite squeeze out yet. I'm a fan, not as in an oscillating three-pronged propeller next to my bed in summer, as in a dude who reckons these tunes are the NUTSACK. Get on it, download their tunes and play them in summer, at dusk - whilst staring at the clouds for the perfect experience. Liquid Sun. Tally Mi Bananas? 4/5 bananas.

One banana was subtracted because I want more Absent Groundism, more poo-faces, and less surfs up. Although their surf song is Dang catchy. That's Just Buns I guess. And he aint no poop eater. Ya Hear? Kay.


Stay tunes for TDB's review of our new single. I know, the suspense is killing you. Apologies. 


Catch TSB's and TDB's at The K.I Surf and Music Fest November 3-5 at Vivonne Bay. Don't be a bender and get a ticket.



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