Monday, December 3, 2012

Issues With Authority

Haven't spilled the beans here in a while, sure. But after several inquiries into the whereabouts of a new entry - I have decided to rekindle my blogging flame.

Liar, Liar. Pants on Flames.

Please bare with me, as everything inside my abdominal cavity is seething from the 43 minute "FAIL" montage I just found on you-tube. It just wouldn't let up, you barely get a break for the entirety of the 43 minutes. People coming across serious miss-fortune on bicycles, just kills me. Because they never seem to be able to get their hands down in time to break their face-plant, so their face just squashes up against the asphalt, and grinds along for bit - in that dolphin dive style - with their legs still flailing about in the air. They always seem so determined to clutch the handle-bars allllll the way down, as if they're too stubborn to admit that they have fallen to the point of no return. I had to pause the video and re-group like seventeen times. This new parkour craze is doing wonders for fail videos on the internet also. Yeh, just some things I noticed.

Just quickly - here is the relevant part:
We shared the stage at the UniBar last week with Deep Sea Arcade, who were nice enough to share several  Monica Lebrewski's with us before-hand too. Additionally, they were damn schmick live - real tight, and they make some quality tunes - and their bass player Nick is a babe. Al-right? Great Hair-do. Also -
several people of recent have genuinely thought that The Shiny Brights are no longer. NO DAD. They are still kickin' it. Just thought that should be clarified. Given, we took the foot off the gig-pedal - but for good reasons - mainly, to churn out several more chart topping sonnets.

Who has had #BSACK luck with parking inspector lately? I know I have, and I'm Fuming. Kumar is absolutely spot-on in his appraisal of a cop in this greeeeaaaat clip. This probably applies to Parking inspectors even more so. So I have started to just take things into my own hands:

Exhibit A)

(click that shizz to enlarge)

I think my steaming-to-collected ratio wasn't too bad... considering. I was nothing but honest too - I'm banking on them completely withdrawing my double-whammy fines in exchange for my unparalleled honesty, likelihood = 6%. It would be zero percent, but then I took into account the thousands of people that work for the council, and the fact that there must be some skerrick of possibility that one of them is having an extraordinarily good day - like they just got proposed to or something, and they're just like; This dude seems like a bit of a darl, Stuff it, I'm gonna rip those fines of his right up, alriiiight. Or, at the other end of the working-for-the-council spectrum, they are having an appalling day, and their sequence of events for the day is so amazingly awful - like they just got demoted/pee'd their pants/got knocked back from a 3am date at red square/could only get the TV4ME channel/ someone set their stapler in jelly.....anyway - so their day is so horrific that they just jump on their nude MS-DOS database platform and just start deleting parking fines altogether.  I mean, the latter is really the ideal scenario. Sort of like the gay dude who hit the emergency blow-up slide button, so he could bail on his flight-attendant shift - and just swiped a bottle of clicquot on his way out. Just completely lost it, and created whatever anarchy he could with his last dying employment breath. So I'm sort of just hoping I turn on the news and hear something along those lines - I know it's unlikely - that's why I bequeathed it with a mere 3% chance. The other 3% being for the woman who just got engaged yeah?.....I actually have another separate 250 dollar fine too, but I'm not going to venture there - because when I think about that, I nearly grab two pencils, place one in each nostril, and slam my head on the desk as hard as I can. Hence severing my frontal lobe into three clean pieces (I've been listening to a lot of Necro).

On the up-side - I have sausage casserole for lunch, which is great. It's an old recipe of grandma's - and it's both nostalgic, and delicious to eat. Grandma used to have this cat called Biggles. She found it in a gutter, it's previous "owner" had hit it in the head with a hammer, and left it in the nearby gutter - in an attempt to rid himself of the little kitty. But....what? What a ridiculous way to go about the disposal of an unwanted cat? and what's more, it didn't work? Biggles damn-well lived into his twenties, and spent the majority of his life on Grandma's lazy boy, in-front of an open fire place, in a country house with 3cm long, luscious carpet? Like, why didn't the guy who wanted to get rid of his cat - venture to AT LEAST the next suburb? Or just drown it, purely to ensure first and foremost, that the cat is in fact, dead. I've concluded that the guy was high - and he thought Biggles was a furry nail. I dunno - I just always found that story silly. It could be totally fabricated, I guess. But Biggles DID have a funny shaped noggin.

But shoosh, the point is that we are stock-piling demo's - getting ready to release in the new year. So stay tuned, and don't get that quivering top lip at the thought that we aren't together any-more - because we are. We just like to hide in the tall grass at times. mmmmmmK?

Thanks for your attention.


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