Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Cream of Corn


In case you didn't hear, the one and only Graham "Studdly" Cornes gave us a lil' shout out on 5AA AM radio the other day. *drinking vessels clink*....

He didn't have to do that, you know? But he did. Because he's a good man, and a bloody good used car dealer - who understands the basic principles of supply and demand, and the need for a man to earn some of that sweet Bunse. I would imagine that he would take no less than a 200% mark-up on a second-hand 2003 Toyota Camry (trade in/resale proffdog), and that's why this is a big deal. Studdly is a mover and shaker, and blessed be he who receives thy nod of affirmation from ye Goliath of South Australian football.

A mention must also be made for the subsequent 12 "over fifties users" facebook likes we received as a result of the shout-out - which I for one know would have taken each user at LEAST twenty-five minutes to suss out. What with having to find their prescription glasses case, turning the power on at the wall and on the hard-drive, ringing their nieces who signed them up to Facebook to retrieve their login deets (which is actually written on a post-it stuck to the monitor), sifting through hundreds of undesired results regarding laundry's and white-goods, going through up-to-and-including three earl grey tea's to calm the nerves (which have developed as a result of the flourishing technology), and taking up to thirty seconds to type each individual letter. See what I mean? It's more like fifty minutes, and we haven't even gotten into the possibility of them still rocking a Dial-up internet scheme yet, either. All I am trying to say is, our spike in "likes" doesn't reflect the true value of the interaction. OK?

Twiddle the knobs on your wireless below to 'ave a listen:
Cornesy loves TSB

Cornes muses. He mentions that little-known band - The Temper Trap, who are booked for the AFL Grand Final, should perhaps be told to step aside for the much more established, heaps signed, ARIA chart dominators - The Shiny Brights.....and THAT my friends, is why Studdly is THE MAN.

Furthermore I am a bell-end.....and.....we were devilishly rubbing our palms together when our bestest babes, The Salvadors, recently made a few tunes available for all to listen, via Soundcloud.

Lovin' this tune aye, strewth.
Seriously. It's good.

More to the point, The Salvadors are releasing an album, and if you aren't at the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel on Saturday 13th of October - you are most-probably a Weiner. Nay, a can't hack it panny-waste - who wears his mamma's bra, and plays ball like a girl. So......

Thanks for being there.

Buns -TSB-


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