Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Sorry about a lack of updates but here's a breakdown of what we've been up to! 

We released our latest single Tightrope to the interwebs (intaawibs if you're South Efrican), so far it's been doing pretty well on YouTube and we've got some blog love too. ALSO the clip has been getting spun on RAGE the last few Saturday mornings, I freakin spilt my coco pops all up in my shit. 

We've been taking trips to the beach to write tunes, demo tunes and play shit tonnes of beer pong. Also Alex worked out the synth part to No Mercy's hit "Where Do You Go (My Lovely)". We spilt our coco pops all up in our shit. 

We were all like,

As well as learning 90's euro dance covers, we've been in the studio doing sexy demos with the legendary Matt Hills. 

We'll be touring to promote Tightrope and the clip over the next few weeks so get to da clubz. 

In the meantime enjoy some of my favourite gifs of June. 


//The Shiny Brights- Tightrope Tour 2012//

July 7th @ Rocket
w/The Messengers (VIC)

July 14th, Rabbit Hole 1st Birthday @ Fbi Social
w/ DJ Cutloose, The Nectars, Train Robbers + TBA

July 20th 2 Revolver Upstairs
w/The Messengers (VIC

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