Monday, May 21, 2012

The Shiny Brights - Tightrope

Hey! HO!.....TIGHT!.... ROPE!

It is with great pleasure that we release our third single that has been produced under the crafty eyes of Paul "Woody" Annison. The Clip Took us the best part of a pleasant, but seedy Sunday. Believe it or not, the clip was made taking every single frame individually. What you are seeing is 1,500 pieces of A3 paper - each with a singular frame on it. Each is held for a single photo, then the subject is moved ever so slightly, to achieve the stagnant movement. GENIUS, I know right? Badass handshakes all round. You can all just buy us beers when we are out next.

The clip was directed by close friend and creative juggernaut Tom Stevens, to whom I owe a carefully cooked chocolate pudding, or something of that ilk.

We hope you enjoy, and please share around feely! Free Willy!

Totally Love you guys.


Free Download of the new single here!


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