Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Straight from the nudes desk...

How bout them white leather loafers people wear hey? Whip it into a combo meal with a white belt? Babes be melting. At least that's what my mate Dylan told me, he's doing up his mums Camira.


Put a pair of these badboys on and you'll be "hookin up" heaps. 

What a legend.

In other news, we played a string of shows in the last few weeks, no white loafers were worn.
Our FUSE Festival show at Jive in Adelaide was great, we played a bunch of new songs, babes melted.
We're of to Melbourne to play a show at Revolver on 2nd March (Friday) with Jonsez. Can't wait for those sweet mini cans of coke on the flight.

Also this week Radar Radio added us to their playlist, pretty cool eh? My mum thinks so, Dad reckons it's alright too. Keep an "ear out" and hopefully you will hear us, if not you'll probably hear one of the tracks below.


BrightLightsBigCity – Clubfeet
Running It – Diafrix
Days – The Drums
Let You Go – Pete Murray
No Sleep – Wiz Khalifa
Let’s Forget All The Things That We Say – Julia Stone

Rosebud – The Jezabels
Run With Scissors – The Shiny Brights

SONG OF THE WEEK: Rosebud – The Jezabels

RECORD OF THE WEEK: ‘In A Million Years’ – Last Dinosaurs

Boom Goes the Dynamite.

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